Still using production data in development?

Your data will leak. Your company and your reputation are at risk.

development_database=# select full_name, company, email, ssn from clients;
 full_name        | company                       | email                  | ssn
 Bill Gates       | Microsoft                     | bill@microsoft.com     | 102-86-7254
 Mark Zuckerberg  | Facebook                      | mark@facebook.com      | 938-09-0587
 Larry Page       | Alphabet                      | larry@google.com       | 102-46-9461
 Jeff Bezos       | Amazon                        | jeff@amazon.com        | 948-12-1110
 Meg Whitman      | Hewlett Packard               | meg@hp.com             | 765-89-8386
 Paul Graham      | Y Combinator                  | pg@ycombinator.com     | 877-65-9373
 Susan Wojcicki   | YouTube                       | susan@youtube.com      | 346-98-3110
 Brian Chesky     | Airbnb                        | brian@airbnb.com       | 110-33-0183

Washtub cleans your data to protect user privacy and prevent data leaks:

development_database=# select full_name, company, email, ssn from clients;
 full_name        | company                       | email                  | ssn
 Marleen Hickle   | Larkin, Rogahn and Pollich    | user1@testdomain.com   | 102-XX-XXXX
 Brook Barton     | Pfeffer, Kozey and Mills      | user2@testdomain.com   | 938-XX-XXXX
 Lona  Ankunding  | Pagac, Herzog and Stark       | user3@testdomain.com   | 102-XX-XXXX
 Cheryle Steuber  | Wolf LLC                      | user4@testdomain.com   | 948-XX-XXXX
 Gary Mayert      | Tillman-Sanford               | user5@testdomain.com   | 765-XX-XXXX
 Connie Spinka    | Nicolas-Ryan                  | user6@testdomain.com   | 877-XX-XXXX
 Jacquelyne Ferry | Bartoletti and Sons           | user7@testdomain.com   | 346-XX-XXXX
 Bonita Wunsch    | Hauck, Beier and Bogisich     | user8@testdomain.com   | 110-XX-XXXX

What's your excuse for not masking your data?

"We need realistic data to develop!"
"It's too hard to generate or redact!"
"What's the harm? I trust everyone here."
"Heroku pg:pull is just easier!"

Prevent inevitable data breaches:

  • Avoid sensitive production data on development machines.
  • Prepare data for public demos, staging sites, and other insecure uses.
  • Comply with international privacy and data limitation laws.
$ heroku washtub:init
Initializating database...
$ heroku washtub:wash DATABASE_URL my_local_database
Data wash complete!
Download complete!

Data masking designed for developers

  • Eliminate production data from developer machines.
  • Integrates directly with Heroku.
  • Simple CLI makes for quick workflows.
  • Never carry around production data again.

Protect user privacy

  • Strip names, emails, phone numbers, passwords and more — automatically.
  • Detects columns commonly containing sensitive data and proctects you.
  • Advanced randomization rules ensure no real data is leaked.

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